Helping Clients Preserve Their Legacy . . .

Helping clients preserve their legacy . . . for those they want to benefit from it.

Ensuring smooth transitions

At Ryland Sandford Consultants, we recognize that understanding how to ensure wealth has a smooth transition to the next generation can be extremely daunting; both in a legal and a technical sense.

With so many laws to navigate (increasingly in multiple jurisdictions), tax pitfalls to avoid and sometimes “complex” familial dynamics to contend with, tackling everything solo sees most clients wince with anxiety.

We can provide professional oversight and guidance into estate and legacy planning that can ensure clients’ needs and wants in this regard are fully met with minimal distress or undue concern. By working with our team, clients will be able to:

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  • Identify their specific needs and define how they wish to pass on their legacy
  • See clearly the steps they need to take to protect their estate from tax revenue agencies
  • Take appropriate steps to ensure that any tax liabilities are disbursed without having to sell assets
  • “Hide” assets in plain sight using fully legal structures and instruments
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Our Services

We’re honest, straightforward and we speak our clients’ language.

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Discretionary Management

We handle the minutiae so clients can get on with their lives.

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Financial Planning

Seeing the bigger picture . . . and helping clients plan for it.