Seeing The Bigger Picture . . .

Seeing the bigger picture . . . and helping clients plan for it.

Dreams need plans

Because all clients – be they individuals or families – have differing priorities for what they wish to achieve with their money, it would be nigh on impossible for us to expect them and their circumstances to be tailored to fit an off-the-shelf or “cookie-cutter” investment management strategy.

Whatever the objective; financing children’s education, early retirement, business startup, leaving a generous inheritance… planning is a crucially important part of the equation.

Tax guidance, adequate insurance, legacy planning help and investment management—getting to grips with the comprehensive money picture can be difficult for most of us. Ryland Sandford Consultants can help simplify the issues.

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We meet or interact with clients as many times as is necessary to evaluate their goals and define how we can help them get there.


Our planners review any legacy investments and any insurance, tax, philanthropy arrangements to determine the role, if any, they can play in the client’s plan.


Clients are presented with bespoke solutions that also include an undertaking to monitor progress and a reporting regimen.


Ryland Sandford Consultants put in the work to achieve our clients’ desired outcomes. Sometimes, this may require advising clients on financial behavior modification in order to give the plan the best chance of succeeding.


We observe progress; report on plan performance and effect adjustments in consultation with clients.

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Our Services

We’re honest, straightforward and we speak our clients’ language.

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Discretionary Management

We handle the minutiae so clients can get on with their lives.

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Legacy Planning

Helping clients preserve their legacy . . . for those they want to benefit from it.