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Creating value, delivering results

Our investment philosophy is firmly rooted in the protection and enhancement of wealth for our clients over the medium to long term. We achieve these objectives more quickly when we are able to operate without restriction and/or a need to seek sanction or permission to act.

For this reason, Ryland Sandford Consultants does not offer an “advisory” or “non-discretionary” service. We believe that, as consummate professionals, we know our practice and the markets we invest in better than our clients. It is, after all, the primary reason they come to us to manage their investments.

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Trusting in our professionalism

Our discretionary service asks that clients grant us the authority to buy, sell and hold assets and securities on their accounts and to re-balance their portfolios as and when necessary. Naturally, we covenant to never exceed the boundaries of the mandate we are given by our clients.

This mandate – which imposes heavy restrictions on the degree of investment risk an asset or security held in a client’s portfolio can have associated with it – is agreed upon during our discovery discussions when we help clients to identify their priorities. It serves to ensure that a client’s holdings can never harbor more risk than the client is comfortable with.

Our portfolios

We design portfolios that are personalized to cater to our clients’ needs and long-term objectives. Our broad alignment with our clients’ interests and the absence of any affiliation with any product providers enables us to devise portfolios comprised of assets and securities that are included purely on their fitness for purpose.

How we mitigate risk

We are particularly conscious of the importance of risk management when endeavoring to protect or enhance wealth. This risk mitigation is evident throughout the selection process of individual holdings; forensic analysis, screening and approval. Once an asset, security or holding makes it onto our conviction shortlist, risk mitigation is still at work. We balance position size and suitability for individual portfolios.

Ryland Sandford Consultants’ investment professionals adhere to a continual risk management process that oversees exposure at all levels.

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Our Services

We’re honest, straightforward and we speak our clients’ language.

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Financial Planning

Seeing the bigger picture . . . and helping clients plan for it.

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Legacy Planning

Helping clients preserve their legacy . . . for those they want to benefit from it.