Reward Depends on Knowing the Risk

Research provides the insight successful investors need to be profitable.

Our most critical function

Local and macroeconomic outlook, geopolitics, fundamentals for industries, sectors, markets and so much more go into identifying the assets and securities that will eventually find their way into our clients’ portfolios so it should come as no surprise that research is the most important function here at Ryland Sandford Consultants. Our large and well-resourced research team is staffed by more than 30 qualified analysts and strategists with full internationally-recognized qualifications and extensive experience in global financial markets.

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Research never stops

Research is ongoing and conducted on all assets and securities in which Ryland Sandford Consultants invests on behalf of clients. These include but are most certainly not limited to equities (stocks, shares), fixed income (bonds – sovereign, corporate, municipal, junk and CDs) hard assets (commodities like metals, foodstuffs, energy) mutual funds/ETFs and various so-called exotics (derivatives, options) that we mostly use for short-term risk hedging.

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Our Approach

A plan of attack designed to suit the uniqueness of each client’s circumstances.

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Our Process

Before starting a journey, one must know one’s destination.

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Investment Management

Consistently successful investing demands a sound methodology.