Compatibility Is Essential

We choose our clients with the same care clients use to choose us.

Are we the right fit?

Ultimately, the measure of the success of any relationship lies in the benefit each party derives from the association. If the benefits flow in one direction only, the relationship is likely to flounder. As far as Ryland Sandford Consultants is concerned, we expect our clients to:

  • Need to work with a practitioner resolutely committed to adhering to the highest fiduciary standard with a stringent Fee-Only compensation policy ensuring the objectivity of advice
  • Want to benefit from holistic advice that encompasses all aspects of their wealth; portfolio design, investment management, retirement planning, risk mitigation and legacy planning
  • Value flexibility in both thought and execution
  • Appreciate the personalized service we deliver
  • Want to benefit from a disciplined, diversified approach to investing
  • Want a financial plan personalized to their unique situation; one that sets out a clear path towards financial liberty

Clients comfortable with these concepts will find a warm, welcoming hand at Ryland Sandford Consultants.

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Our Vision

Combining exceptional performance and superior service levels.

Mission Statement

Showing clients what they need to make better choices for their future.

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About Us

We make sure clients always know where they stand.