We Offer Transparency As Standard

We make sure clients always know where they stand.

Doing well by clients whatever the situation

We safeguard the future for individuals, families and entrepreneurs by offering well-researched, shrewd investment and financial planning solutions in both advanced and emerging markets.

Our boutique practice boasts a diverse team of investment professionals with a broad range of expertise that spans capital markets, wealth management, fund management and securities trading. All possess a deep and intimate understanding of the nuances that characterize the global financial markets. We maintain a sizeable team dedicated exclusively to researching the various securities we commit client funds to as well as a highly capable administrative operation.

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Always straight

At Ryland Sandford Consultants we have simplified the way in which we’re compensated in order to ensure there is no conflict of interest between us and our clients.

Each and every client of Ryland Sandford Consultants is charged a fee for the advice, guidance and administration of their investment affairs which, in our view, helps to do away with the opacity that can foster conflicts of interest in client/advisor relationships where some or all of the advisor’s remuneration is derived from commissions.

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Our Vision

Combining exceptional performance and superior service levels.

Mission Statement

Showing clients what they need to make better choices for their future.

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Who We Work With

We choose our clients with the same care clients use to choose us.