Time To Get Serious About Investing

Helping clients handle today’s more complex markets.

Small enough to be agile

Ryland Sandford Consultants is a leading fee-based investment management boutique based in Taipei, Taiwan that provides high net-worth individuals and their families with a full range of investment and financial planning solutions. This advisory model is supported by a resolutely independent status which ensures our impartiality and that our clients’ interests come first . . . . every time, without exception.

Large enough to be relevant

Ryland Sandford Consultants clients receive best of breed, innovative investment ideas, impartial financial advice and timely execution across a number of asset classes as well as the support of a fully committed, purpose-built team of professionals with clients’ interests lodged firmly at the top of their list of priorities.

Investment Management

Consistently successful investing demands a sound methodology.

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Our Approach

A plan of attack designed to suit the uniqueness of each client’s circumstances.

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Our Process

Before starting a journey, one must know one’s destination.

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Our Research

Research provides the insight successful investors need to be profitable.